22 Jul, 2021 13:45 am

AVI Global Trust PLC: Monthly Update

Investegate announcements from AVI Global Trust PLC, Monthly Update

KKR Share Price: +6% NAV: 0% Discount: -15% KKR's shares are now up +46% over 2021.Oakley Capital Investments Share Price: +10% NAV: 0% Discount: -10% Oakley Capital Investments (OCI)'s share price continued its strong run in June, up +10% and bringing the headline discount from 18% to 10%.As part of the deal, Oakley's Origins fund will invest in ACE, meaning that OCI will retain exposure to the tune of 1% of NAV EXOR Share Price: -3% NAV:0% Discount: -41% We initiated an investment in EXOR in December 2016, with a key element of the thesis at the time being the undervaluation of FCA (now Stellantis, 28% of EXOR's NAV).Third Point Investors Share Price: +4% NAV: +2% Discount: -12% As readers may be aware, we have been engaging with the Board of Third Point Investors (TPOU) in order to address the wide discount (five-year average: 20%) at which TPOU trades.

AVI GLOBAL TRUST PLC Monthly Update AVI Global Trust plc (the "Company") presents its Update, reporting performance figures for the month ended 30 June 2021.1% * AVI Global Trust financial year commences on the 1st October.

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