World Socialist Web Site 03 Apr, 2021 05:30 am

Australian Labor Party reinforces commitment to health privatisation

Australian Labor Party reinforces commitment to health privatisation
A rare contested vote at this week’s national conference underscored the support of Labor and the trade unions to the further outsourcing of health services.

Butler agreed to retain a HWU sentence calling for a “commitment to not privatise or outsource public health institutions, jobs, or services,” but would not accept the further words, “departments of institutions or services.” In practice, this gives Labor governments carte blanche to continue to outsource services in public health departments.Also to be deleted was a paragraph that opposed Labor governments subcontracting public health services, unless employees were guaranteed equal or better pay.This has been dropped in the new platform, clearing the way for further eroding the chronically underfunded public health system.

The rollout of the NDIS has seen the dismantling of government-run public health services and institutions for disabled people.The Labor Party conference’s explicit removal of any words that would oppose the contracting of private companies for the provision of public health services reveals the continued commitment of Labor and its union partners to this process.

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