18 Sep, 2020 08:45 am

Australia to ease border limits, allow more citizens home

With 24,000 Australians stranded abroad, PM Scott Morrison moves to raise cap on number of people allowed in each week.

Al Jazeera p Australia's weekly limit is currently set at 4,000 people [File:Stephen Coates/Reuters] p Scott Morrison, the prime minister of Australia, has said his government will increase the number of citizens allowed to return home each week to 6,000 people.The country's weekly limit is currently set at 4,000 people.Most of its infections have been in the hotspot state of Victoria, where new infections have been falling for weeks.As the country's number of infections slow, Queensland state said that it would open up its border to residents of the capital city of Canberra, which has had no new infections in 10 weeks, as it looks to encourage domestic tourism.

Victoria's rolling two-week average of new infections has been coming down, raising hopes that strict lockdown measures confining residents to their homes may be eased before the October 26 deadline.Speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting on Friday, Morrison said states have agreed to boost quarantine capacity and that the cap on the number of people allowed into Australia each week will increase by 2,000 by mid-October.

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