18 Sep, 2020 09:00 am

Attacks surge in Pakistan as Afghan peace effort brings shifting sands

At least 109 people were killed in 67 attacks between January and July - twice the number in 2019, according to the FATA Research Centre.

But since March, Al Qaeda-linked Pakistani Taleban, facing the risk of losing havens on the Afghan side of the border if their Afghan Taleban allies make peace there, have unleashed a wave of attacks on the Pakistani security forces.Soon the Pakistani government found itself under attack from home-grown Taliban but the military succeeded in pushing them out of the region, known as the tribal areas, in 2014, forcing the Pakistani Taleban into Afghanistan.But now fears are growing that the surge of Pakistani Taleban violence is an unintended consequence of efforts to make peace in Afghanistan." Militant violence surged in Pakistan after it was pressed to sign on to the US-led war on terror after the September 11, 2001, attacks, even though it had for years supported the Afghan Taleban.

In February, the Afghan Taleban and the United States struck a deal allowing for the withdrawal of US forces in exchange for Afghan Taliban guarantees they would not harbour other militants.Khaleej Times Attacks surge in Pakistan as Afghan peace effort brings shifting sands p Militants have stepped up attacks on security forces in northwest Pakistan raising fears of a revival of their insurgency and a return of lawlessness as brighter prospects for peace in Afghanistan herald shifting militant alliances.

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