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Arsenal' Exposes the Lonely Reality of Being a Footballer

Arsenal' Exposes the Lonely Reality of Being a Footballer
From Bukayo Saka dealing with newfound fame to Kieran Tierney battling home sickness, Amazon Prime's latest documentary's focus on mental health has been a long time coming

In an interview for the show, even internet entertainer and alleged Arsenal fan KSI said “being an Arsenal fan right now sucks.For an Arsenal fan, it’s compelling to see how the team dealt with one of the most difficult moments in recent history, but for the neutrals, it’s insight into what happens when a too-big-to-fail brand starts to wobble, and how the humans within cope.However, a backlash to the heinous backlash showed that despite there being a minority of sad, bitter, repugnant ‘fans’, the vast majority of people saw their attacks as a springboard for inclusivity, support and praise.Nicole Rodella The 'All or Nothing' concept has traditionally given viewers a shiny, less-filtered view inside England’s biggest football clubs.

Nicole Rodella The most poignant moment of the inaugural trio of episodes is when Kieran Tierney speaks about moving down to London from Scotland and leaving his family behind.The key takeaway from the first three episodes of All or Nothing: Arsenal, is that Bukayo Saka is the best of us and needs to be protected at all costs.

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