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Arrests, suit can't stop NYC serial subway vandal, say cops

Arrests, suit can't stop NYC serial subway vandal, say cops
Calvin Williams, 55, has amassed a record of 91 arrests in the last 38 years, say police sources. Cops most recently busted him Monday, on charges of snatching a wallet from a 79-year-old woman at the 34th St./Herald Square subway station in Midtown.

/Herald Square subway station in Midtown.That bust also led cops to charge Williams with criminal mischief for smashing seven digital screens at the same subway station last Thursday in a rampage that was caught on camera, said police.subway station, police said.[More New York] Staten Island fugitive arraigned, held without bail in Staten Island slay of Muslim activist daughter p The MTA wants restitution from Williams to cover the costs of vandalizing the screens, which are used for advertisements and service information.

It seems there’s no stopping accused serial subway vandal Calvin Williams, who the MTA blames for tens of thousands of dollars of damage to subway platform digital information screens.Calvin Williams, 55, was arrested Monday at Midtown’s 34th St-Herald Sq.

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