Stars and Stripes 31 Dec, 2020 23:45 am

Army to update hairstyle, grooming standards in January

Army to update hairstyle, grooming standards in January
Soldiers will find out in January what hairstyle and grooming changes the Army has approved from a review panel’s recommendations, according to the service.

Women can now wear ponytails when they are doing physical training, but otherwise their hair needs to be in a bun.The panel has recommended women can wear a ponytail in any uniform as long as it does not fall past the top of the shoulder blades, according to the slides.Women can only wear one hairstyle at a time, according to current regulations.It recommended allowing women to wear earrings while they are in their Army combat uniform, but only while they are in garrison, not on deployment or in the field, according to a slide.

Women can only wear earrings now when they are in their dress uniforms.The panel also recommended Army regulations no longer specify a minimum hair length for women.

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