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Arlington 911 center responds to concerns about staffing, safety

Arlington 911 center responds to concerns about staffing, safety
The head of Arlington, Virginia’s Emergency Communications Center is addressing concerns that its current setup is problematic and even potentially dangerous.

“We’re in this period now where we’re training a bunch of new people,” Mulholland said.“Other than that … I am not aware of any situation where we were unable to meet the core, critical staffing level that we must have to provide the services that we provide,” Mulholland said.“It has not been a life safety issue yet, but it is certainly a model that we want to move away from,” Mulholland said, although he could not say when the shift might happen.In an email, a spokesperson said that while the center is now technically at full staffing levels after a previous shortage, approximately 30% of staff are in training and cannot yet work independently.

” “The first contingent that we hired was last December, so we have a couple of people that are literally right on the verge of being cut loose to work independently and that will help,” he said.” However, Mulholland maintains that crucial positions have always remained filled, and that more people are being trained to fill needed roles.

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