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Another side of integrated Kashmir

Another side of integrated Kashmir
STATE OF PLAY | Another side of integrated Kashmir

Advertisement I spent a week in Kashmir last month, my first visit since I extracted myself from the executive blitzkrieg that sundered Jammu and Kashmir and left the Valley guillotined under lockdown in the August of 2019.” What he was most broken for was this: Kashmiris expected an apology for what has been wreaked upon us following August 2019, but all we have heard is applause around our beating.If Kashmir has indeed become ‘normal’ under the ministrations of August 5, 2019 and the sustained post-operative care, here is a fine example of it.” Kashmir is normal, Kashmir has been fully integrated, there should be no other story for a good journalist to tell.

By twilight, it has risen from the houses of god and become a shroud that defies cameras as well as it defies banishment.I have said what I had to say in good faith, but there exists no good faith between us and New Delhi.

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