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Annette Bening: my trans son has taught me a lot

Annette Bening: my trans son has taught me a lot
"My son is now almost 29, and I have four amazing children. I adore them and they’re all adults now, so we’re way past the point of me being the teacher. They’re the teachers now. They teach us, and they teach me."

Annette Bening said that now that her “four amazing children” have all grown up, they are the ones who are educating their parents.They teach us, and they teach me,” Bening, 62, said of the kids she shares with her husband of nearly 30 years, Oscar-winning director and legendary actor Warren Beatty, 83.That is important to me, and being part of that message is important to me,” Bening said.“We as a society need to listen to the trans community and let them teach us about what discrimination feels like, what it’s like to be harassed in school, not have health care,” she said in the virtual event called “United for Equality Live!

“And we especially need to listen to trans women of color,” the two-time Golden Globe Award-winning actress added.Annette Bening attends the Roundabout Theatre Company's 2019 Gala, "Quite the Character: An Evening Celebrating John Lithgow", at The Ziegfeld Ballroom on Monday, Feb.

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