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Anne Beattie Confronts Civil Unrest Through Fiction

Anne Beattie Confronts Civil Unrest Through Fiction
In the author's new collection, 'Onlookers,' the shadow of the Civil War looms over a group of characters in Charlottesville, Va.

” Almost 50 years have passed since Beattie received an encouraging note from legendary editor Roger Angell informing her that she had been rejected by the New Yorker; she had no idea that a professor had submitted her work.After 22 months of submissions and rejections, Beattie made her first appearance in the New Yorker with “A Platonic Relationship.” Since then Beattie has published with metronomic consistency—22 books in 47 years, including 2011’s The New Yorker Stories (containing 48).By Mike Harvkey |May 26, 2023 Commissioned in 1917, it was a gift from a local philanthropist to the city.

” Mike Harvkey is the author of In the Course of Human Events and was the researcher/reporter for the bestselling true crime book All-American Murder.At the end of her life, Alice falls “down the rabbit hole of assisted living” at Solace House, a nursing home that figures in multiple stories (most notably the last), and her politics and surprising life story send Leticia into her own wonderland.

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