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Ancient food shop buried in 79 AD volcanic eruption uncovered

Ancient food shop buried in 79 AD volcanic eruption uncovered
"As well as being another insight into daily life at Pompeii, the possibilities for study of this Thermopolium are exceptional, because for the first time an area of this type has been excavated in its entirety, and it has been possible to carry out all the analyses that today’s technology permits."

Bone fragments, which likely belonged to those same animals, were also discovered inside containers that were embedded in the counter.Most Read “A fragment of duck bone was in fact found inside one of the containers, alongside swine, goats, fish and land snails, indicating the great variety of products of animal origin used in the preparation of the dishes,” Valeria Amoretti, a site anthropologist, said in a statement.Named “The Thermopolium of Regio V,” the bar was complete with bright-colored frescoes, traces of food in terracotta jars, as well as humans and animal bones, according to a statement released Saturday by the Archaeological Park of Pompeii “This is an extraordinary find,” said Massimo Ossana, the park’s director.” The food shop, which had been partially excavated in 2019, has now re-emerged in its entirety, according to the archaeological park.

Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient street food shop that was buried in a volcanic eruption nearly 2,000 years ago.Archaeologists also discovered nine amphorae, a bronze drinking bowl known as a patera, two wine flasks and an olla, a ceramic vessel used for underground irrigation.

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