23 Mar, 2021 04:15 am

An Open Letter To NZ Scientists And Educators

An Open Letter To NZ Scientists And Educators
Any scientist or educator who has followed the science of fluoride’s toxicity - especially its potential to damage the developing brain - must be stunned to hear that the NZ government is set to introduce mandatory water fluoridation into the ...

Full citations of all the references cited can be found on the webpage of the Fluoride Action Network, www.In 2000, he was one of the founders of the US-based non-profit Fluoride Action Network and its current Executive Director.found that children who were bottle-fed in fluoridated communities had lower IQs (up to 9 IQ points) than children bottle-fed in non-fluoridated communities.Either NZ scientists and educators have not kept up with the science or have been too timid to challenge government policy.

And why are NZ’s scientists and educators leaving it to voluntary organizations like Fluoride Free NZ to issue critical warnings?For example, a meta-analysis done by Harvard researchers (Choi et al, 2012) showed that of 27 studies, 26 showed a lowering of IQ despite them being conducted by many different research teams, over a period of 21 years and across widely differing areas of China (and Iran).

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