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Amid shoo-ins, NJ electoral races to watch on Nov. 3

Amid shoo-ins, NJ electoral races to watch on Nov. 3
Everyone will be watching how mail-in voting goes in the November elections. But keep an eye on key New Jersey congressional contests.

Three of the state’s four freshman in the House — Democrats Andy Kim and Tom Malinowski and Republican Jeff Van Drew — are expected to have the toughest fights ahead of them.Van Drew angered many of the Democrats who helped elect him to the long-red 2nd District in the south when he switched parties and joined the Republicans.The state currently has only two Republican representatives: Van Drew and Rep.That, alone, gives the Democratic Party hopes to hold on to two of the seats and take back the third after Van Drew’s switch to the GOP last December.

Now she is counting on voter anger over Van Drew’s party switch and then his casting a vote against impeaching President Trump to propel her to victory.Van Drew is a former state senator well-known as a conservative Democrat when he turned the district blue two years ago.

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