World Socialist Web Site 17 Mar, 2021 02:45 am

Amazon brings back in-person staff meetings as COVID-19 pandemic surges

Amazon brings back in-person staff meetings as COVID-19 pandemic surges
The reintroduction of in-person “stand-up” meetings at Amazon warehouses will contribute to the flare-up of COVID-19 at the company and in communities across the world.

The email, forwarded by an Amazon worker to the International Amazon Workers Voice and dated February 9, declared: “During the Covid-19 pandemic we had temporarily paused stand up meetings.Such flimsy measures, provided by the multibillion-dollar conglomerate and presided over by Jeff Bezos, until recently the world’s richest man, go a long way toward explaining how the COVID-19 pandemic has managed to infect over 100 million people across the globe in the course of the past year despite continuous warnings and advice from medical experts and scientists.As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge, it is essential that Amazon and other logistics workers fight to form and join their own independent rank-and-file organizations with no ties to the capitalist two-party political system, answerable only to themselves and other workers.” These meetings are “like a cult,” said one worker who spoke to the IAWV.

While the diagrams suggest workers will be kept at least six feet apart from one another, a worker said that such protocols were a fiction at Amazon.“Last summer, my co-worker caught COVID-19, and I didn’t get a notification until two weeks later,” one worker said.

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