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After hospitalization, Jeremih not rushing COVID-19 inoculation

After hospitalization, Jeremih not rushing COVID-19 inoculation
Even though Jeremih had a recent near-death experience during his battle with COVID-19, he’s in no rush to get the new vaccinations that are quickly becoming available to the masses.

The Chicago native said days before he was hospitalized in November he knew “something wasn’t right.” Jeremih said he considered giving up, but his mother, his two sons, and fellow Chicago native Chance the Rapper, kept pushing for him to survive.“After a couple of days, I was just looking at it because I just, um, two things: I just wanted to remind myself where I’ve been through, and like.remind myself my purpose here on this earth, you know.

Cuz while in there, I wasn’t sure whether or not I was still gonna be able to walk, you know, on this earth, so until I get my talk and my walk back, I’m gonna keep this on.” With prayers from fans and many celebrities, notably Chance the Rapper (who considers him to be “like a brother”) Jeremih is now on the road to recovery.

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