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‘Afghan soil should not be a source of spreading terrorism’

‘Afghan soil should not be a source of spreading terrorism’
There is a danger of terror being spread to the Russian territory and the territory of Kashmir, says ambassador Nikolay Kudashev

21, 06:17 PM The Afghan soil should not be a source of spreading terrorism in other countries of the region and both Russia and India have ‘common concerns’ over it in the backdrop of the unfolding situation in Afghanistan, Russian Ambassador Nikolay Kudashev mentioned on Monday.Delving into implications of the latest developments in Afghanistan, the Russian envoy also said, “There is a danger of the possible spread of terror into Russian territory as well as Kashmir, noting that India and Russia will continue to work together to counter any threat of terrorism.The Russian envoy said, “There is "ample scope" for cooperation between India and Russia on Afghanistan and both sides have been in regular touch with each other on the latest developments in the war-torn country.” “Both India and Russia are concerned about the situation in Afghanistan.

“These are the very basic values that bring Russia and India together.Kudashev said tackling the threat of terror has been a matter of continued dialogue between Russia and India under multiple frameworks, including the bilateral mechanism of the counter-terror working group.

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