05 May, 2021 05:30 am

Accused claims self-defence – The Gisborne Herald

Accused claims self-defence – The Gisborne Herald
A jury retired this morning to consider its verdict in the case of a man accused of using his quad bike to deliberately mow down two neighbours in the backyard of their Whakaki home. William Kahukura,...

Mrs Kahukura said she was rammed trying to go to the aid of Mr English.He denied ramming Mrs Kahukura but said she slipped and went under the bike.Kahukura said to flee the situation, he had no choice but to drive forwards, over Mrs Kahukura's legs for a second time.She pointed to his account of running over Mrs Kahukura, noting his claim she was sideways under the bike, not lengthways as she said.

It was accepted his decision to ride over Mrs Kahukura's legs a second time was intentional but that was a clear case of self-defence.Crown prosecutor Lara Marshall said from the Crown's perspective, Kahukura's actions were only ever intentional.

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