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ACA’s Benchmark Intelligence Database is Here

ACA’s Benchmark Intelligence Database is Here
Now you can get competitive insights that will allow you to ask better questions for improved results and operations. Join us today, Jan. 26, for a webinar with ACA leaders who will explain how to use the Benchmark Intelligence platform and answer your questions.

Our Benchmark Intelligence database provides critical market information for ACA company members, including third-party collections, first-party servicing and asset buying metrics.Whether you’re looking to diversify into new markets or benchmark existing markets against your peers, ACA’s Benchmark Intelligence database has the information you need.With the Benchmark Intelligence database, ACA company members who participate will have this information at their fingertips on a quarterly basis.Only individuals on file with the Benchmark Intelligence database will be able to view the deidentified data from your firm—and even your own data is protected within your own organization.

ACA company members who agree to participate in the Benchmark Intelligence database will be provided with training on how to input and access their data as well as how to view deidentified data.You can also read more on the new Benchmark Intelligence page on our website.

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