20 Dec, 2020 12:15 am

A (markets) journal of the plague year By Reuters

A (markets) journal of the plague year By Reuters
Graphic: A (markets) journal of the plague year

png) (Graphic: World annual unemployment soars in 2020, https://fingfx.(Graphic: Global stock market scorecard 2020, https://fingfx.(Graphic: FX in 2020, https://fingfx.png) Governments were already trying to shore up their economies, but just like the financial crisis a decade previously it took powerful central bank medicine to steady the markets.

As well as fuelling the monster market rebound, JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM ) estimates the central bank moves have left nearly $35 trillion, or 83%, of all richer, developed nations' government debt with a 'negative yield' once inflation is factored in.png) (Graphic: Central bank balance sheets swell, https://fingfx.

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