29 Dec, 2020 16:45 am

A Look Back at 2020 By

A Look Back at 2020 By
Quarter by Painful Quarter: A Look Back at 2020

Despite it all, April ended up being the best month for stocks in three decades.Gold had its best monthly performance since 2012, while silver had its best month in over 40 years.With one eye on the likely roll out of vaccines, investors turned to value stocks like airlines, cruise lines and hotel operators, helping markets notch their best month in decades.8% gain for November, its best month since January 1987.

election and the impact of an expected second wave of Covid-19 proved to be the major bones of contention.Investors, however, had to weigh the promise of vaccines against the near-term economic hit from a second wave of Covid-19 that had sent most of Europe and parts of the U.

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