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A look at Long Beach's animal legislation • Long Beach Post News

A look at Long Beach's animal legislation • Long Beach Post News
It's difficult to have a conversation about pet laws without barking, but it's also good to be informed. Read about Long Beach's animal laws.

This is not to mention having unaltered pets and breeding, which is also spelled in the Long Beach municipal code.Shelter Manager Staycee Dains said that Long Beach Animal Care Services is the primary agency responsible for enforcing Title 6 of Long Beach’s municipal code as well as the state laws pertaining to animals, but any law-enforcement entity with jurisdiction has the authority to enforce laws, for example, the Department of Fish and Wildlife would enforce violation of wildlife laws and, like most enforcement, is done following a notification of a violation by a civilian.Here is a by-no-means exhaustive sample of Long Beach’s municipal code that applies to animals.You can access Long Beach municipal codes as it pertains to animals here in straightforward fashion or read them in their entirety on the municipal code page.

” Peters was referring to the rush-to-adopt frenzy that took place during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, during which her rescue not only did a ton of adoptions but also managed, with the help of a couple of cat rescues, to literally empty Long Beach Animal Care Services’ kennels., Long Beach, $30 Anyone who’s had a cat purring on their lap or stomach knows how good those vibrations are.

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