18 Oct, 2020 18:45 am

A choked Gurram Cheruvu leaves Old City flooded

A choked Gurram Cheruvu leaves Old City flooded
Extensive encroachments noted during inspection

p p p Hyderabad A choked Gurram Cheruvu leaves Old City flooded Satellite images from 2014 and 2020 show the extent of encroachment.| Photo Credit: By arrangement There is no outflow channel for the Gurram Cheruvu that breached the bund and inundated Hafiz Baba Nagar, according to findings of Irrigation department officials who visited the lake in Balapur.The Gurram Cheruvu is part of a network, which contains Burhan Khan Cheruvu, Balapur Pedda Cheruvu, Venkatapuram Cheruvu and somewhere in the line, the Gurramkani Cheruvu also known as Shukoor Lake.From Gurram Cheruvu, the outflow channel meets the confluence of outflows from other lakes such as Palle Cheruvu, Salkam Cheruvu and Surram Cheruvu, which are all notified lakes of huge extents.

Owing to encroachments in the outflow channel of Balapur Pedda Cheruvu, which empties into Gurram Cheruvu, Nabil Colony is flooded too, she says.The persons named in the FIR were Abdulla Saadi, Farooq Saadi, Ali Saadi, Umar Baom, Mohammed Bin Hyder, Hasham and Mustafa, some of them with criminal record.

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