blacklistednews.com 15 Sep, 2021 20:15 am

9/11 Launched the First of the Unaccountable Bailouts by the Fed to Wall Street

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Most Americans believe that the unprecedented Fed bailouts of Wall Street didn’t begin until December of 2007, on the cusp of Wall Street’s financial collapse in 2008.The Fed’s first massive bailout of Wall Street started on 9/11.The Wall Street mega banks were in the cross-hairs at the time of then New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer for bringing to market Initial Public Offerings of companies that the banks’ own research analysts were internally calling “crap” and “dogs” while the same banks issued buy recommendations on the “dogs” to the unknowing public.” The Congressional Research Service indicates that the Fed funneled “$100 billion per day” over a three-day period beginning on 9/11 to Wall Street firms.

Louis Fed, these are the numerous ways that the Fed rescued Wall Street following 9/11: “The Fed held $61 billion of securities acquired under repurchase agreements on Sept.an average of $27 billion on the previous 10 Wednesdays and about $12 billion a year earlier.

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