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8 Common Driving Mistakes To Avoid In Vietnam To Stay Safe

8 Common Driving Mistakes To Avoid In Vietnam To Stay Safe
To survive Vietnam's notoriously chaotic traffic, equip yourself with the knowledge to avoid these 8 common driving mistakes.

span span span p A lot of drivers in Vietnam assume that they are automatically allowed to turn right at red lights , but this is simply not the case.span span span p Very often at intersections, you’ll see road markings dividing the road into different lanes with arrows pointing into different directions.span span span p Another type of road marking that you might come across is a criss-cross pattern.span span span p In Vietnam, it is not uncommon to spot people using cell phones or headphones while driving their car or scooter.

span span span p It is common knowledge that you’re required to turn on the headlights of your vehicle while driving at night.span span span p Since they shine at eye level, high beam headlights effectively blind anyone driving while facing you, increasing the chances of an accident.

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