Business 2 Community 10 Jun, 2021 21:30 am

5 Reasons to Put Your Money Into PR vs. Advertising

As a small business owner, an entrepreneur, the new marketing manager at a thriving company, you may be wondering how to grow the business and make the

If you’ve made it this far, you’re currently debating between what seems like a sure thing in advertising or a lesser known aspect of marketing in public relations.To break it down into more technical terms, advertising is paid media, whereas public relations is earned media.While both advertising and PR help build brands and communicate with consumers, public relations is working with journalists/reporters to help tell your story, versus paying for a message to be sponsored.Let me offer my opinion, and over ten years of experience, condensed into the top five reasons you should put your money into public relations.

While some advertisements can surely be authentic, I would argue that public relations media placements are more authentic.This is a more fitting way to essentially say you’ll get “bigger bang for your buck” or “more value for your money” with public relations.

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