13 Jan, 2021 23:00 am

4 articles that explain COVID-19 vaccination steps

4 articles that explain COVID-19 vaccination steps
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i (strong) updates to this series since 2 hrs ago Nation EXPLAINER: Vaccine push gains steam but many still face wait More Americans are now eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine but they may still face a wait for their first shot even as supplies increase.Nation EXPLAINER: Why the smallest state has a big virus challenge PROVIDENCE, R.Nation EXPLAINER: How do I know when to get my 2nd vaccine shot?Nation EXPLAINER: US regulator weighs in on vaccine dosing debate The first Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 are getting their second dose, while Britain has decided to postpone boosters and focus instead on giving more people a first shot — international differences that are adding to public confusion.

(AP) — For a few days in December, Rhode Island was one of the worst places on the planet when it came to new cases of COVID-19 per officials try to get COVID-19 vaccines to people more quickly, it’s already time for some people to get their second shots.

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