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33 photos from Drag N Paint event in Bloomington

33 photos from Drag N Paint event in Bloomington
Friday, January 7

h3 Ava J ShareAlike Cassie Schlatter, Suzy Vaughn, Caitlyn Kant Megan Couri Josh Rhodes, Rachel McClinton Sarah Weigel, Stephanie Koster, Joanna Allen Dakoda Neal, Nicole Adamson Tricia Stiller, Christina Rogers, Catherine Dunlap Julie Kubsch, Dan Adams, Steve Kubsch Jen Hooker Christina Rogers gives Reed Walters an eyebrow upgrade Miss Flo Ashlyn Rose Ben Abbot and Megan Couri of Drag N Paint DJ Rake Tyler McWhorter Painting Julie Kubsch offering advice Steve Kubsch ignoring that advice Jen Hooker Paintings starting to come to life Miss Flo Dan Adams and his masterpiece Jen Hooker, Reed Walters Finished paintings Kris Williams proudly displays her painting Miss Flo Ashlyn Rose Steve Kubsch’s painting shoes Painting Christina Rogers, Ashlyn Rose, Jen Hooker Ashlyn Rose Julie and Steve Kubsch {{summary}} Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device.Topics News Alerts Subscribe Breaking News Subscribe

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