23 Dec, 2020 19:30 am

3 Hot 2020 IPOs To Buy When Their Prices Drop

3 Hot 2020 IPOs To Buy When Their Prices Drop
Stocks Analysis by (Haris Anwar/ covering: Nasdaq 100, Grubhub Inc, Uber Technologies Inc, Snowflake Inc. Read (Haris Anwar/'s latest article on

The San-Francisco-based company has a growing subscription program, which shows the loyalty of its customers and the potential for recurring sales.DoorDash’s subscription program had more than 1 million subscribers from August 2018 to August 2019.The San Francisco-based vacation rental platform decided to go public even as the travel industry faced one of its worst crises, marked by a collapse in the demand for flights and hotel bookings amid the COVID-19 pandemic.Airbnb’s relative resilience in a historically bad year for the travel industry is a result of a flexible business model that allowed the company to meet customers in the places they wanted to go.

companies were able to raise a record amount in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).Snowflake shares have more than tripled since its initial public offering in September.

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