msn.com 14 Jan, 2022 19:00 am

25 amazing copycat recipes of your favorite fast-food menu items

Stacker presents copycat recipes from the most popular fast food restaurants in America.

It took a few decades for fast food to really get on a roll: McDonald's, the first to translate assembly line practices found in car factories into kitchens, opened what would become the modern iteration of the famous hamburger joint in 1948.Fast food has come to represent broader issues facing Americans.Fast food is cheap, meaning it's an essential source of calories for the millions of Americans experiencing food insecurity.For parents and caregivers working long hours, finding time to cook a meal can be difficult to impossible, with the convenience of fast food providing an easy source for dinner everyone in the family is happy with.

Most fast food is high in saturated and trans fat, sugar, and sodium—without much if any of the good nutrients the human body needs.Fast food is also tasty—the result of all that fat, sugar, and sodium, not to mention the food science that goes into making burgers juicy and fries crispy.

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