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2020 in hindsight: What will this year look like a century from now?

2020 in hindsight: What will this year look like a century from now?
Finally, we can say it: 2020 is almost over. Good riddance. As we look to finally bring a close to this annus horribilis, America will be living amidst the detritus for years — a devastating economic downturn, a generation of students behind in education, the collective psychic trauma of prolonged isolation. 2020 will be hard to forget.

The Year 2020: 2020 was marked by a global pandemic called COVID-19, which was responsible for nearly 2 million people worldwide.2020 also marked the rise of “Karen,” the generic name for women with one or more of these common characteristics: an asymmetric bob, a demand to speak to the manager, “Live, Laugh, Love” signs in their home, a penchant for calling the police on Black people, and an aversion to masks and public safety.Significantly, 2020 also marked the end of Trump’s first and only term in office, the result of a landslide election defeat by Democrat Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.President Donald Trump’s early denial of the virus’s severity, his rank politicization of science and health, and his decision to jettison responsibility to individual states had a catastrophic impact on the U.

President Donald Trump speaks about a Sudan-Israel peace agreement, in the Oval Office on October 23, 2020 in Washington, DC.In the ensuing weeks and months, protests calling for police and criminal justice reform spread across the country, as did increased calls for the removal of Confederate statues [See: “Civil War, losers.

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