The Motley Fool fool.com 03 Aug, 2022 10:30 am

2 Growth Stocks That Could Turn $2,000 into $10,000 by 2030

2 Growth Stocks That Could Turn $2,000 into $10,000 by 2030
These growth stocks could help patient investors turn a tidy profit by the end of the decade.

Enterprise search is a workplace search engine.Elastic is the most popular workplace search engine on the market, according to DB-Engines.And while the company faces tough competition in the performance monitoring and cybersecurity verticals, its dominance in workplace search has allowed Elastic to execute successfully on a land-and-expand growth strategy.Third, The Roku Channel is an ad-supported streaming service owned by Roku.

The Roku Channel ranks among the top five channels on the platform in terms of engagement.Collectively, those proprietary technologies -- Roku OS, OneView, and The Roku Channel -- should bring more viewers, advertisers, and content to Roku in the years ahead, fueling the network effects that power its business.

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