19 Mar, 2021 06:45 am

1st Yacht To Thailand Receive ‘Smart Wristband Trackers’

1st Yacht To Thailand Receive ‘Smart Wristband Trackers’
Nine foreigners and one Thai arrived in Phuket on a yacht (Mar 6) and became the first people in Thailand to wear “smart wristbands” to track their location and health while observing their mandatory 14-day quarantine while still on the boat, ...

“We also have a cloud platform to be a main network for the NB-IoT Wristband Tracking,” Mr Tanapong said.We conduct the registration for the NB-IoT Wristband Tourist Tracking and arrange medical staff for monitoring the tourists’ health information.“Yacht tourists will receive NB-IoT Wristband Tourist Tracking, which can be a health-monitoring tool during the 14 days of onboard quarantine.All the information from the wristband will be shown on the website dashboard in real time for medical staff,” he explained.

It will boost tourists’ confidence and support the public health safety for tourists coming to Phuket, as well as improve the quality of cooperation among tourists, medical staff, and other relevant officers,” he added.We are not only improving tourism, but also helping to boost the marine tourism industry throughout the whole Andaman region,” Mr Tanapat said.

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