Five Top Celebrities and Their Lost Endorsement Earnings

The pot at the end of the sporting event isn't usually what makes the bulk of a celebrity athletes income. Money from lucrative endorsements do. But there are some rules for keeping those bucks rolling in. Especially in this very PC world we live in.
/ August 22, 2016

A lot of celebrity athletes don’t necessarily make money on their sport. Where they make the big bucks are on endorsements. Why else would they need a manager/agent? To help make them the big bucks, that’s why. So who are a handful of these people and just how much have they lost? Read on, folks…

#1 Ryan Lochte


I won’t go through the sordid details as we all know what he did. Repeating it would be torture. While what he did was dumb, I do feel bad for him. Maybe because he isn’t the calculating sort, just the not-so-smart sort.

Total endorsement earnings lost: $15MM

#2 Maria Sharapova


After the Australian Open, Maria Sharapova found out that she was going to be outted and attempted to control the spin on what would be her doping scandal! Oh my, not Maria! She had been on Meldonium for 11 years even if it is only usually prescribed for a few months at a time to soldiers for endurance.

Total endorsement earnings lost: $23MM

#3 Manny Pacquiao


When Manny had a bout, all of the Philippines stopped what they were doing and watched their champ. The champ and now senator (when he attends sessions) made some homophobic statements. No one was pleased, especially not any of his sponsors.

Total endorsement earnings lost: $12MM

#4 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods tees off on the fourth hole during the final round of the Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament Sunday, Aug. 9, 2009, at Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

Oh you forgot? Remember around Thanksgiving 2013 when his then wife ran after him with one of his clubs and ended up doing some damage to his car. Reason: rampant infidelity. Who knew? Apparently, his handlers all knew. Elin just found out. He lost out big time that year but it seems all is forgiven now bcause “winning takes care of everything.” At least in Tiger Woods case.

Total endorsement earnings lost: $22MM

#5 Lance Armstrong


Another dope or rather doping case. After having battled back from cancer, winning many more Tour de France titles, he got away with the doping. Whoever his doctor was, was also providing him with amazing masking drugs. In the end, someone talked and then more people started talking till he had to just cop to it.

Total endorsement earnings lost: $75MM