Pakalu Papito and justSul: The Internet’s New Heroes

Home is where u can look ugly & enjoy it. - Pakalu Papito
/ June 20, 2015

7. There is no resemblance between Pakalu and justSul characters, but, one thing is true — both are hilarious.

8. JustSul has also been featured in XXL magazine.

9. To sum up: Pakalu Papito ( is the real Twitter character, and JustSul ( is the real Instagram character. The two characters have nothing in common except that they both are Indian and hilarious.

10. Here is a sampling of some of the good ones from the two characters:

Spending All day with Kanye West… He asks too many questions ? #??

A video posted by Sul (@justsul) on


The Bootyguard ???? A video posted by Sul (@justsul) on


When I ate the booty like groceries ? @itsjustsaid A video posted by Sul (@justsul) on

  Yes Pakalu is entertaining and what not, but he doesn’t compare with the man of the hour, Donald Trump. If you are curious, take a look at 20 ridiculous tweets by Trump.